MANZAR - منظر

Perso-Arabic Typesetting Tool

You can use Manzar to create virtually any kind of print or digital format – flyers, brochures, presentations, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, postcards, stickers, comics, newspapers, and books. You can also publish content specific to handheld devices and tablets.

e-Press V1.0

ePaper Software

Convert your ready to print news paper into fully featured ePaper using our propriety cloud based software. Its easy to use.

No server, hosting or technical knowledge required.


Open Type Font for Digital Platform

Ali Nastaliq unicode character based open type font conforming to the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and elegance as well as functionality.

Ali Nastaliq will ensure data portability across various applications and platforms.

Creating Corporate Branding Fonts

Typefaces reflect a culture’s priorities and aspirations.
This is why we keep designing new typefaces – the job isn’t done.

Type is an essential part of the visual identity of a corporate brand. The right corporate branding fonts with the right typographic touch creates a powerful message to express the brand. But getting the type right and then implementing it is never easy. Worse, the choice of branding corporate fonts may introduce licensing or technical issues that can impede the proper use of the brand. Axis SoftMedia can help companies ensure a successful corporate branding initiative by solving the following common font issues:

  • Font Licensing Issues
  • Type Design Issues
  • Technical Issues
  • Extending the Brand in the User Interface
  • Web Fonts License
  • Software Developer Font License
  • Enterprise-Wide Font License
  • Application Server Font License






What is our mission

We have three fundamental tenets - Innovation, Agility and Transparency.

Axis SoftMedia Inc. provides exciting, game-changing Urdu software products to clients around the globe. We believe real innovation stems from implementing relevant high tech solutions to actual Urdu related digital problems. We aspire to developing employees who are seen as tech industry thought leaders and who produce leading edge technology.

  • Developing lasting beneficial relationships with our clients
  • Confidentiality with respect to work
  • Integrity expressed
  • Independent and Reliable business objectives

    " Our team is specialized
    in every aspect of Urdu
    software development. "


Perso-Arabic Typesetting Tool

Ali Nastaliq

Open Type Font for Digital Platform

e-Press V1.0

Digital Newspapers

What We Do......

Axis is well-known for its creative and technical expertise, and for our ability to manage projects to deliver on-time and within budget. We describe our custom font services as “the art and technology of type”.


Multilingual Open Type Font
Holy Quran Digital Composing
Digitization Services


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